Congrif de Venezuela was founded in 1972 with the purpose of producing cylinder valves and regulators for LPG in Venezuela.

Due to the tenacity of its founders and the technical assistance provided by O.ME.CA (Officine Meccaniche Cavagna) of Italy, the results came about very quickly. Soon, our products were gaining position in the national market, excelling because of their superior quality and practical designs. With that, the need for the development of new products arised in order to offer our clients the complete range of accesories for instalations of LPG.

Actually, we are consolidated in the national and regional market, offering a complete and diversified service. Our strategic alliance with Cavagna Group, one of the most prominent groups in the manufacturing sector of accesories for LPG, has given us access to the latest technology which is necessary in offering products of outstanding quality, security, and reliability.


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